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“Man about woman”. 21/11. – 17.12.2017. Inna Shynkarenko. Photo project.

“Man about woman”. 21/11. – 17.12.2017. Inna Shynkarenko. Photo project.

In 2015 in the gallery “Green sofa” Inna Shynkarenko presented the exhibition “Woman. Man”. For that exhibition Inna photographed successful and famous women in both male and female images. At the same time, her models got the task – to recall male and female features in themselves and to show them in the language of their eyes, movements and facial expressions. The project was extremely popular and received positive feedback and great interest from the public and the media. Inna created the subtle psychological portraits of the dual person. Moreover, she reinforced the effect of the psychological portrait by completing it with the author’s text of her characters.

The exhibition ” Woman. Man”  was turned into a long-lasting portrait. At the same time it was traveled to the exhibition expanses of Ukraine and replenished with new portraits. “Intersono” in Lviv, Art museum in Khmelnitskyy. “Clock face” in Kharkov and Bookstore Gallery in Dnipro …

But the most interesting thing is that the project was continued – an exhibition of men’s portraits photos.

Even at the opening of the first exhibition Inna declared a bold intention – to photograph in a similar style of men. It’s hard to believe, but she succeeded.

Inna Shynkarenko was able to interest a professionally successful, courageous men, famous in Lviv and Kyiv to take part in the photo session. She chose them using her personal copyright criterion like a photographer and a psychologist. Just like the last time men were photographed twice. For the first time showing their masculinity. And the second time … showing their views and thoughts about women, showing their empathy to femininity, looking for a woman in yourself.

Especially today it should be noted that this topic is relevant at all times. This can  be open it in different ways. Recently the world-wide campaign has developed – Тhis is what a feminist looks like. T-shirts with this slogan were dressed with pleasure by famous men all over the world from Barack Obama to Benedict Cumberbatch expressing their support. The British actor Daniel Craig supported the campaign for gender equality – We Are Equals. He was photographed in a commercials on this subject appearing in the video at once in two roles – in the traditional image of the agent 007 – the embodiment of machismo and in the role of the director of M intelligence – in women’s clothing and a wig. The video was shot to the International Women’s Day.

In the face of the project participants Ukrainian men tell with their portraits about women: