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Canned Goods. Oleg Davydenko project. 19.09 – 8.10.2017

Canned Goods. Oleg Davydenko project.  19.09 – 8.10.2017

Lviv artist Oleg Davydenko stands out against the background of a “local school”. Following traditions is not his choice. The artist himself describes the creative priorities as follows: “All forms have their own content irrespective of the presence of the subject, therefore, so every art, it seeks to become music, nothing but a form …”

This approach contributes to the creation of abstract art and conceptual projects. One of such projects, which was not previously shown in Lviv, is a project “Canned Goods”, started back in 2006.

The “Canned Goods” displays a specific attitude to the things used in the works as to the memorial object.

The author’s technique of Oleg Davydenko appears to be the experimental combination of three-dimensional objects fixed on the canvas with epoxy solution.

The canned goods expand the aura of mysteriousness, surrealistic content meaning, “thing in  itself” and at the same time are associated with the remnants of “trash” material world. “Rubbish” – owing to which the picture of the past comes back to life. The things that came out of use – pens, brushes, toys, special use items – “only for people”. For them is the transitional condition between life and junkyard. The state in which there exists only uncertainty and restlessness.

The works of this project are devoid of the load of real paintings. From painting Davydenko has moved over to the level of simulation and fixation of reality. The principle of relativity of boundaries became seen as a cure-all – reality transforms into art on its own. Oleg thinks that the reality cannot be depicted adequately, but it can be canned.

Oleg Davydenko

  He was born in 1966 in the city of Pryluky. Graduated from the Mirgorod Ceramic College (1987), Lviv Academy of Arts (Department of Ceramics (1994) and Monumental Painting (1998)). The first personal exhibition was held in 1991 in Lviv. A participant of about 30 group exhibitions and the author of about 20 personal exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria … He is engaged in development and implementation in the material of interiors and exteriors of premises, including public space. His first diploma work was decorative panel on the facade of the Ceramic College. As an artist, the monumentalist performed a series of mosaic compositions and paintings in the churches of Ukraine and Poland. He is engaged in painting, sculpture, graphic art, icon painting.

Exhibition activity of recent years:

2017 – Personal exhibition. Museum of the History of Kiev. Project “ACTION-Reload” Kyiv
2016 – Personal exhibition “DIA” project Lviv Palace of Arts, Lviv
2016 – Personal exhibition in the “Dynamyc Box” gallery, Pila, Switzerland
2016 – Exhibition at the banking institution “Regiobank” in Solothurn, Switzerland
2015 – Participant in the Rhy Art Fair Basel 2015, Switzerland
2015 – Member of the Fair at Art Fair Art Paris, France
2014 – Member of the Sculpture Fair at Boutique Edo Popken in Zurich, Switzerland.
2014 – Participant in the Art Fairs of the ART Zurich, Switzerland
2013-2014 – Member of All-Ukrainian national exhibitions for the Day of the Artist
2013 – Participant of the exhibition in Lemish Galery, Lviv
2013 – Participant of the “Landscape Anti Landscape” exhibition in Zhovkva, Ukraine

2012-2013 – Exhibition in the banking institution “Regiobank” in Soloturn, Switzerland
2012 – Exhibition in Lviv Fashion Week 2012, Lviv
2012 – Exhibition “Metamorphosis” at the Dara Art Center, Kiev
2011 – Participant of the “Abstract Art Exhibition” in Chernivtsi (received a diploma)
2011 – Personal exhibition “He and She 2” Palace of Arts, Lviv
2011 – Participation in the exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Vienna, Austria
2010 – Participation in the international exhibition “CONTEMPORIARY ART KYIV”, Kyiv