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I AM IN CHRIST. Kate Haneychuk. Hand printed fabric. August 29 -September 17, 2017

I AM IN CHRIST. Kate Haneychuk. Hand printed fabric. August 29 -September 17, 2017

Like every conscious artist Kateryna Haneychuk brings her unique vision to the world. The artists turn to various components of human nature and consciousness. Kateryna chose the spiritual part for herself and she described her choice as follows:

Almost all of my creative searches are concentrated around the theme of spirit, soul and heart. This is not good and not bad. I just came to this in my thoughts. Art is essentially sacred. And I did not immediately realize it, but only over time … somebody knew it before … Even when I photographed the grass, it was “The Life of Herbs”. It’s all mine, personal, and not canonical. As a pray in your own words. Yes, I can call myself a freethinker and not a religious person, but a believer. I made my gonfalons on an old canvas. I’m sure that it adds to the work a living, a good power of human hands, which worked out every line of canvas. I reflected faces and nimbuses with raw potatoes, as they did this many years ago, but with modern paint. I used the minimal but symbolic colors and modular repeats, sewed with a red thread. I put in this work my long-standing idea of the depth of our language. I came up with it myself and I am glad that the EVCHARYSTIYA is the Ye v Khrysti ya (in ukrainian langvige) – I AM IN CHRIST. Although the priests will tell you that “Ukrainian” can not be in this, because it’s a Greek word…

It should be noticed that in addition to the traditional sacral styling and laconicism, the works of Kateryna are distinguished by the bright Ukrainian spirit. The presentation of the exhibition with the participation of the author will be held on August 29 at 5 pm.

Biographical information:


Born in 1974 in Belarus.

In 1995 graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative Arts and Applied Arts named after I. Trusha, Department of Art Ceramics.

In 2001 graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts, interior design and furniture.

She lives and works in Lutsk.

She belongs to contemporary artists who create conceptual art using authentic techniques of paper cutting, gesso, textiles and glass painting.

She is engaged in photography and painting. Kateryna works as an interior and furniture designer.

Since 2008 participated in regional and in 7th All-Ukrainian exhibitions.

She had five personal exhibitions.