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“Combination”. Miros & Andriy Dedydyshyn. Sculpture. 21.02 – 12.03. 2017

“Combination”. Miros & Andriy Dedydyshyn. Sculpture. 21.02 – 12.03. 2017

Lviv sculptor Miros  Dedydyshyn full of intriguing combinations. For example, in the face of his art combines the two: he is known worldwide as Maximilian Delius. It is this requirement – changes name based in longstanding (since 1996) working with a status (1896 establishment) German gallery «Vogel», which has branches throughout Germany. And it was under this name Dedyshyn repeatedly exhibited both solo and in alliance with sculptures of big names, including – Salvador Dali, Bruno Bruni, Paul Wunderlicht. In Austria, even given brand of sculpture Dedyshyn (Maksymilyana Delius).

To be sure, Miros was educated at the Polytechnic Institute in Lviv (computer science department). Professional development of his talent as a sculptor he made alone. For this, he always learns through communication with sculptors. The big influence on Dedyshyn have had Michael Dzyndra in 2000.

“Combination” as the concept of the exhibition is also in the combination of different materials that are used Miros to create their sculptures. Dedyshyn first made it to the island of Ceylon, where he worked as a volunteer – teacher of sculpture in 2006. There he created the combination named “Sigiriya”, bronze and marble.

In addition Mirosvery interested in sculpture, based on the property line to create volume. It is believed that we perceive primarily silhouette, and our imagination paint the spatial volume. Dedyshyn creates a line object of metal shape. His work in this style – space graphics in Ukraine can be seen next to the Town Hall, they are transparent sculptures Svejk and archer.

Sometimes a graphical approach spoils the 3D overview of different parties of sculpture lines which can be intersect and overlap with others and destroy the integrity of the perception of the object. Therefore, Miros started to put into the graphics frame stone or wooden tabs, taking the idea of his “Ceylon” experience.

The exhibition “Combination” in the Green Sofa Art Gallery Miros presents about 20 sculptures made during 2006 – 2017 years. Some of them created in collaboration with his son, architect Andrew Dedyshyn. Executed in bronze, wood, marble, basalt, artificial glass. There are bronze portraits of Oles’ Dyaka and plaster of artists Petro Smetana and Mykhaylo Demtsiu which may be painted themselves.