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Oleksiy Koval “Meeting”. Painting in enamel technic. 31.01.- 19.02.2017

Oleksiy Koval “Meeting”. Painting in enamel technic. 31.01.- 19.02.2017

Just two years ago in “Green Sofa” Art Gallery was held the first exhibition of Kyiv artist Oleksiy Koval. Then Oleksiy presented his wooden panels covered with sheets of copper which created the painting in the technique of hot enamel. To say that the exhibition is good it is not enough. The exhibition was so impressive! Especially viewers liked the portraits surrounded by beautiful baroque ornaments.

Since then, fans always ask when will be another opportunity to see this unusual art work? Meanwhile, his art work people could see at numerous exhibitions in 2016 in Kiev galleries and exhibition in 2017 in Dnipro.

Oleksiy says that all meetings in our life are not random. Sometimes it happens that you meet a person, you hear the music, see the picture and feel that you always knew that person, you know it to the smallest features. Perhaps that how is the fateful relationship stretches us through all our lives.

So our meeting with Alex Koval is significant. His enamel paintings called source of nation, the quintessence of all that you have seen or know about Ukraine, nature, traveling, life, etc. Especially attractive is the extraordinary durability of enamel paintings. No matter how many centuries have passed these pictures will not change. Therefore, the theme for the art works Oleksiy chooses timeless. Through them you can feel the generations.

The exhibition of Oleksiy Koval which is called “Meeting” will present his new art works from the series “Ukraine”, “Landscape”, “Still Life” in the techniques of hot enamel, and has not seen in Lviv his colored etchings. The pictures you have seen this year will be exhibited in Odesa, Kyiv, Toronto, Vienna.