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“TERRAVITA”. Irina Dzyndra. Painting & art glass. 10 – 29. 01.2017

“TERRAVITA”. Irina Dzyndra. Painting & art glass. 10 – 29. 01.2017

Earth breathes, rejoices and resists. Open spaces exude in the light and we travel through them.

Terra vita – live earth, earth personality, life lasting millions of years, and we – the people we pass in front of her. Ira Dzyndra from Lviv personifies this  and spiritualizes this eternal element in her paintings and glass panels.  Her landscapes have the most generalized views. On them our planet has indeterminate age. It could be as a thousand years ago, it is the only way, the metaphor itself, made with acrylic paints on canvas in the author’s technique or layers of colored glass.

The exhibition of Ira Dzyndra will feature 15 paintings and several glass panels.

Ira Dzyndra was born in 1977 in Lutsk
1993-1999 Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after  I.Trush
1999-2002 Lviv Academy of Arts
Sphere of interests: painting, drawing, blown glass

Solo exhibitions: 2004 painting, gallery “Sklokoko” Museum of Ideas, Lviv.
2007 – “The Kiss of Judas” Museum of Ideas, Lviv.
2014 – art gallery “Primus”, Lviv.

2015 – Alliance Francaise, Lviv.

Joint projects: 1999, 2005, 2008, 2014 – Lviv Autumn Salon “High Castle” Lviv Palace of Arts, 2007 – Art Project “VESELKA” Lviv Ethnographic Museum
2007 – International plein-air painting «MAXIM», Slavsko, Lviv region
2008 – International plein air painting “Carpathian ridge”, Lviv Palace of Arts
2013 – opening of Lviv Fashion Week, the collection of copyright jewelry «NETAKI», Lviv
2013 – Slava Frolova-Group «In the face of chance” Lviv Palace of Arts
2013 – IX International Symposium blown glass in Lviv, Lviv National Museum
2014 – Slava Frolova-Group «Ukrainian Language” together with the work of Mary Pryimachenko, “Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine”  museum in Kyiv.