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“So naturally”. Olesya Kaznokh. painting. 2016/11/22- 12/11

“So naturally”. Olesya Kaznokh. painting. 2016/11/22- 12/11

In the paintings – summer, autumn and winter, day and night, hills and mountains, sea and lakes, gardens, meadows and fields. Just the midst of them suddenly appear fragments embroidered patchwork fabric, so surreal and  so naturally …

We know that everything that is capable of imagination, and therefore work as a phenomenon is not taken out of nowhere. We accumulate impressions  of the world around us, and then … inspired  by animate and inanimate nature we give the  idea. Such is the nature of human creativity. And it is also naturally …

Olesya Kaznokh  visualized conventional relay model of how and where people saw the master motive ornament used to create her  embroidery compositions. Where the bushes hid rhythm, and where the garden beds – strips for embroidery. As among clouds bent head of an angel and flowers that inspired floral meanders to teach embroidered tablecloth …

Cycle “So naturally” originated as an extension of research – a comparative exhibition of decorative painting “My craft,” which took place in 2014, first in the “Green Sofa” Art Gallery, and then in Odessa and Ternopil. Exhibition consists of 19 works performed during the year. All works painted from life in Lviv, the Dniester canyon near Kamenetz Podolsky in Odessa and on the Kinburn Spit, the South of Ukraine. However, each of paintings specially selected and pasted into the composition of the work pieces of old embroidery and lace.

Be continued…