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“Everlasting Garden”. Natalia Bartkiv painting. 1- 20 of November 2016

“Everlasting Garden”. Natalia Bartkiv painting. 1- 20 of November 2016

The idea of the project “Everlasting Garden” wasn’t made up by me – it was just born with one of the first paintings “Paradise Birds”of 2005. And in 2011 I created “the Paradise tree- the Tree of Life” and I had the feeling that there is going to be a continuation. Investigating this theme I learnt that Persian translation of the word “Paradise” states “The place behind the wall”. Still this theme can not be limited to just Christian or Jewish allusions. I was haunted by this mystical world of myths and legends where the main characters and the heroes were the trees. For example Ancient Indians, Slavic and even Eskimos put the Sun in the middle of the tree. The trees actually hold the whole world on their branches. Sacred Indian scripts compare people to the trees– as well as the tree which is earthed with its roots into the ground and reaches with its branches to the sky – the human being stands on the ground and lives in the body as well as the soul always flies to the heaven to the Divine. And come to think of it – the art itself is also something material that you can touch and at the same time something heavenly that lifts your spirit.

Natalia Bartkiv.

“Natalia Bartkiv’s painting is original and traditional at the same time. She herself with her art is guarding eternal values of being. She possesses the folk type of creative perception and production – it is the feastive side of life, the art of “seven Sundays”. Natalia creates the consoling art – the art of pleasure. Her composition is like a beautiful melody – it always keeps the inner harmony and as well as the music everything in her paintings serves this high purpose – the softness of the forms, the picturesque and juicy colours and the general major aura and vegetal ornaments that remind us about the grape wine and the Tripilla culture patters. Everything  in  the world around her is lively, charming and promising the miracle.”

The Chief art critic of Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art  Irina Timokhova.

A Lvivian artist Natalia Bartkiv has gained two degrees – one in Music and the other on in English Language and Literature. She started painting in 2004 and since 2007 she takes part in numerous exhibitions. Her first personal show took place in the Green Sofa Gallery in 2009.