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“The Year Without a Genius”. Vladimir Pinigin. Graphics. 09/20 – 10/9/2016

“The Year Without a Genius”. Vladimir Pinigin. Graphics. 09/20 – 10/9/2016

On the day of the Vladimir Pinigin’s seventy fifth anniversary we will open his solo exhibition “The Year Without a genius.”  He is well known as an artist, graphic, illustrator and intellectual.

At the time, Vladimir was so friendly with the “Green Sofa”  Art Gallery. At the gallery he took part in “Museum” project and had plans for a solo exhibition. Everything somehow was never organized, it is prevented something up here … In October 2015 Vladimir Pinigin past away…

At the time of flowering of artist creativity, his graphic was wildly original with impressed technique and style. Today, his art work impressed no less than before.

Vladimir Pinigin was born and spent his childhood in St. Petersburg where he studied art at the Hermitage. In 1958 he moved to Lviv. In 1965 he graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute named after Ivan Fedorov on specialty “Graphics”.

He became famous through  his book illustrations, including fantasy of Jules Verne, Herbert Wells, Ray Bradbury ( “Dandelion Wine” and “The Martian Chronicles”), Arthur C. Clarke, Clifford Simak, Pierre Boulle, Stanislaw Lem, Alexander Belyaev, Karel Capek and Basil Berezhnoy. According to Vladimir Kirillovych – the genre of fantasy was the most interesting for him. Maybe, because Pinigin is the artist from the era when teenagers dreamed about interplanetary traveling, and in esteem was romanticism and disinterestedness.

“People are divided by the ratio of the time on some types. Some of them focused on the present, others – on the past, and I, apparently, for the future. I took all possible models of tomorrow. High-quality fantasy is the modeling of the future and the scenarios of the development. In addition, this literature poses an extremely difficult task for the illustrator – make visible completely unknown and fictional reality. Also, for the artist to achieve difficult goals is tempting. At that time the fantasy gave to the illustrator more freedom on topics and on form.”


His glory in the Soviet Union was enormous as for the artist. Although he dreamed to talk to Vladimir Bradbury, which works he illustrated.  But those things were not available at that time. Vladimir Pinigin joked about this situation. “The only person from abroad, which I was presented was the American president Nixon. When he visited the Soviet Union, especially for this event was published the magazine issue “Soviet Life”. In that issue was an article about me (a half turn with my face). Like, here it comes to you – we have the illustrator who is doing your fantasy like this! “

Later the illustrations orders were interrupted. Vladimir Pinigin worked in easel graphics, poster design, set design and painting. In 1985 he moved to small form of graphic in the techniques of easel graphic, posters,  design, dry needle, intaglios and monotype. Interestingly, in early 1986 Pinigin created a series of works “The Premonition disasters” and in April there was Chernobyl. He loved to create the exlibreses and portraits, was a psychologist  by his nature and have a cool temper.

Since 1963, participated in about 120 of regional, national and international group exhibitions. He held 12 Solo Exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, USA and Poland. He was awarded by diplomas and prizes of International Exhibitions.

Vladimir Pinigin’s art works went to numerous private collections in Russia, USA, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, etc. Among the owners of Pinigin’s works are celebrities, including former French President Francois Mitterrand.

The exhibition which runs from 20th of September to 9 of October’2016 feature the works of different periods, made in different techniques: collage of 70’s, watercolors, lithographs of 70-80’s, etchings, monotypes of 90’s, his latest drawings.

In addition, the exhibition will feature the archival records with Vladimir and we will demonstrate the animations of the characters of his art works. Also we will sell some T-shirts with print images of his unique world.

The curator of the exhibition is Vladimir Pinigin’s grandson – Maxim Kluchkovskyy.
Written by  Olesya Domaradzka.