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Solomiya Kovtun. “Gorizon line” painting exhibition. 19.07 – 7.08. 2016

Solomiya Kovtun. “Gorizon line” painting exhibition. 19.07 – 7.08. 2016
Back in 2013, Solomiya Kovtun presented in the Gren Sofa gallery her solo exhibition titled “12”.
This eloquent name said that Salomiya holds twelfth consecutive solo exhibition and is only in 4 years of creative activity!
So it is not surprising the fact that after such intense fatigue comes. Salomiya made two exhibitions over the three years (in the gallery “Velez” and “Melanka’s Art”) and she stopped. She took a break for searching a new inspiration.
And she found it, as often happens with  the artists on a tour. While visiting the Museum  in Madrid – saw and felt brilliant works of Mark Rothko. His minimalism of form and maximum expressive colors resonated with the world view of the artist. And as a result, a new exhibition abstracted landscapes in which the object is a line and stain.
The meeting of the sky and earth is divided by horizon line. It is far and so close. It just a few kilometers. You can go but can not reach, you can see but can not understand.
Greatness element of colors pulsate on a large canvases by the artist, it is possible to feel, but not for everyone. Did she find an echo in your soul? Come to the exhibition and find out!