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Ihor Badyak “Breath of summer”. Painting & stained glass. 28.06. – 17.07. 2016

Ihor Badyak “Breath of summer”. Painting & stained glass. 28.06. – 17.07. 2016
For the first time in the “Green Sofa” Art Gallery after the nearly 20-year break in the exhibition activities (1998 in Wroclaw previous solo exhibition was held), the exhibition will present Igor Badyak. The author called it  “A breath of summer”.
Indeed light, “a la prima”, often abstract compositions have become for the artist a real breath of fresh air like a summer morning.
Igor Badyak worked a lot lately in order. He was engaged in the execution of a large amount of work in the field of monumental painting and stained glass. Among them are ambitious and successful projects.
In particular, in cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine Ihor Badyak performs work “Archangel Michael” in the premises of the NBU in Kiev. He designs a four stained glass for the Money Museum   and performs design rooms of the National Bank NBU in Chernivtsi. Also among the prominent features of note is the church of St. Nicholas in Wroclaw (Poland), Museum of Art Deco in Moscow. Lviv residents may be familiar with paintings and stained glass at the recreation complex “Viking’s Bay”.
In this exhibition you can see paintings on canvas and two stained glass compositions performed over the past two years.

Igor Badyak was born in 1965 in Lviv. He graduated from the Lviv College of Applied and Decorative Arts named after Ivan Trush (1984) and Lviv Academy of Arts (1992) – Department of Monumental Painting.
A participant of Ukrainian and international exhibitions and plein air. 2016 – Torun (Poland) 2015 – Berkolo (Poland) Yavorno (Slovakia), a regular participant “Silver square”(Przemysl, Poland) and others.

He performed a number of public stained glass and mosaics with sacred and secular character.