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Ivan Ostafiychuk. Exhibition of graphic and painting.17.05 – 5.06.2016

Ivan Ostafiychuk. Exhibition of graphic and painting.17.05 – 5.06.2016

“Green Sofa” Art Gallery has the honor to present the exhibition of outstanding painter of sixties and the winner of the Shevchenko National Prize – Ivan Ostafiychuk.

Ivan Ostafiychuk that survived in circumstances of obstruction in totalitarianism belonged to that small group of artists who clearly has formed a new aesthetic and moral  space with a combination of past and present, national and universal.

The ideological framework of totalitarian power, harassment and interrogations student years did not break and did not subordinate the artist passive-contemplative and engaged system of artistic expression.

For the artist the opportunity for creative realization  gave the book illustrations in genre of graphics.

It is difficult to enumerate all the publications on which Ivan Ostafiychuk worked. He worked on novel written by Vasyl Stefanyk in 1969, “Garden with unsinkable sculptures” by Lina Kostenko, “Endless tales” by M. Pidgiryanky  in1973, collection of works by Lesya Ukrainka “Thoughts and dreams” in 1983, “Tract of a river” by Dmytro Pavlychko in 1984, lyrics by Taras Shevchenko “In the casemate” in 1987, collection by Ivan Drach in 1988, etc.

Not all projects managed to realize because in the work of the artist was no place for topics that are considered relevantly by governing authorities.

However, a creative method of Ivan Ostafiychuk was recognized by community. There was a weakening of ideological oppression. In the spring of 1987 Ivan Ostafiychuk left Lviv for Croatia and in January 1988 emigrated to Canada, where he led an active exhibition activity.

Extremely successful solo exhibitions followed in Philadelphia, Detroit and Los Angeles.

In the late 80`s and early 90`s Ivan Ostafiychuk admires painting and becomes more lyrical.

Although, it should be noted that the painting of Ivan Ostafiychuk compared with graphics has a specific character, which is not easy to understand.

After Ukraine gained independence in 1992, the artist returned to Ukraine. He continues to work and live in his beloved Lviv and Carpathians where he was born in 1940 in the village of Trostianec.

Today at the “Green Sofa” Art Gallery Ivan Ostafiychuk offers you an exhibition of graphics and painting from 1976 – 2016.

Also Ivan Ostafiychuk created a series of prints of 6 works about the events of his own life  “Memories” and “Reflections”  –  the urbanist and the resident of the village, which reveals himself as a lyricist with philosophical vision of the landscape.

Today Ivan Ostafiychuk continues itself an a series painting on plexiglass dedicated to events in Donbass.