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Nadiya Martynenko “Image. Character. View.” 5th – 24th of April 2016

Nadiya Martynenko “Image. Character. View.”  5th – 24th of April 2016

The successful and well-known Chernihiv artist will present the personal painting exhibition in the “Green sofa” Gallery in April.

Her characters are easy for perception, pictured with love, lavish with pure and gentle colors. Character remains you with the feeling of depth of heritage and emotion of the womanliness of the substantial emphasis. And the view of Nadiya is focused upon the kind and light side of being.

In the popular phrase – a good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation: fine dress helps to impress.

When we look at a picture, at first we see a form – it is like a dress.

Further, looking more closely at a picture and analyzing details we examine the nature of the action, the character, its state of mind, taking the point further through the deep experience, through the subconscious.

Therefore, the “ New Character” is created through the association of vision of an Artist, imbued with tension of creation, with culture acquired since very birth, with the world culture and the observant eyes of the audience, their emotional perception.

When the resonance of this mutual interaction took place – the Character of the New Force created – the force of co-creation of the people.

That is Nadiya Martynenko describes her artwork.

 Nadiya Martynenko was born May 22, 1956 in the village. Tovstolis in Chernihiv.

1973-1975  Studied art studio in Kiev October Palace (teachers: M. Rodin, D. and B. Hulyaev Zabashta).

1975-1979  Studied at the Crimean Art School.

Since 2005 member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Since 2001 participates in national and regional exhibitions. In his account has 20 solo exhibitions, including abroad.

His works are in  museum collections in Chernigov, Chernivtsi and  Odessa, as well as in private collections in France, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Brazil, Korea, Israel, Russia, Ukraine. Lives and works in Chernigov.