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“Blue bird”. Paintings exhibition by Iryna Fartukh. 15th of March – 3th of April 2016

“Blue bird”. Paintings exhibition by Iryna Fartukh. 15th of March – 3th of April 2016

I’m looking at high skies and it makes me wonder
Why aren’t I a falcon? Why aren’t I a-flying?
God, why have you left me with no wings to fly?
I’d take off the ground and fly high above

Lviv artist Iryna Fartukh says that she loves birds from her early childhood. She most marveled at the exotic appearance of a hoopoe, admired  stork’s slender majesty and cork’s scenic beauty… Iryna kept feathery friends in her dwelling for many years. No wonder that the artist, who works in the field of figurative painting, has created a lot of works portraying birds. About 20 paintings will be exhibited at Iryna Fartukh’s personal art exhibition at Green Sofa Gallery.

The bird has been a powerful symbol both in Ukraine and all over the world. It has usually positive implications. The bird usually embodies a human soul. This implication is both ancient and common. Soul in the form of a bird is found in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, China and Siberia (Evenki, Altay, Yakutpeoples), in South America (Bororo Indians), etc.

The Blue Bird, the bird of happiness, according to Maurice Maeterlinck in habits every home. You do not need to set out on a far – away journey to find it–you must leave your home to understand and appreciate the value of it. But the bird cannot be encaged, as Happiness, Good, Love only come to free, frank and sincere people.*


Iryna Fartukh, born March 27, 1960, was educated at the Lviv I. Trush Art College and Lviv National Academy of Arts at the Ceramics Department respectively.

Iryna has actively participated in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad (Canada, Israel, Hungary and Poland) since1996. She has already had seventeen personal art exhibitions. Her three exhibitions were held at the Lviv Veles Gallery and Kyiv UHL and Ukrainian Cultural Fund in 2015. I. Fartukh is a member of National Artists’ Society since 2005.