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Oleg Denysenko “Balance”. Graphics. 2 – 21 of February 2016

Oleg Denysenko “Balance”. Graphics. 2 – 21 of February 2016

Artist from Lviv Oleg Denуsenko gained recognition in the world as a graphic artist. These are the 28 international awards from Slovakia, USA, Poland, Yugoslavia, Korea, Russia, Romania, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and 15 public collections, which included works by Denysenko , particular in Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia, USA and Italy .
Despite this artist does not often makes a solo exhibitions of easel graphics. The last time it happened  in 2003 in the gallery “Dziga”.
I must add that Oleg Denisenko also works in  gesso and sculptures. Works in these techniques he exhibited the past 13 years.
Especially valuable is his exhibition in the “Green Sofa”.The author will present a series of etchings – Seasons, 4 element, Olympic Muses, Favorite artists and Musical notes.
Also estamps will be presented in the technique intalo and  pen and ink drawings.
All the works were performed during the past few years.


Oleg Denysenko born March 27, 1961 in Lviv.
Graduated Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Graphics departament.

1994 – personal exhibition in a prestigious gallery Olofstrom Sweden, attended by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, and then of Swedish newspaper Dagbladet published an article about him entitled: “Oleg Denisenko artist, who was born 500 years after his time”
1998 – After a successful exhibition at the gallery Assen Amsterdam, attended by the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix in the government newspaper De Grunya Amsterdammer published article: “The genius of Ukraine.”
2003 – personal exhibition in “Ukrainian Institute of USA” in New York (Ukrainian Institute of America, New York), after which the New York Times published an article about him entitled: “The artist that surprised America”
2005 – personal exhibition in Nuremberg in the house-museum of Albrecht Durer (Albrecht Dürer House)
2009 – elected a member of the Academic Senate of the Roman Academy of Contemporary Arts.
2013 – Exhibition “Museum. Graphics » in Green Sofa Gallery.