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‘Shadows of Luxurious Summe’ by Olena Onufriv

‘Shadows of Luxurious Summe’ by Olena Onufriv

Green Sofa Gallery
Olena Onufriv
“Shadows of Luxurious Summer”
Personal exhibition. Painting.

The painting by Olena Onufriv is a real cure from the cold and colourlessness, the essence of the summer on canvas. Her flowers were always like passionate message from the distant tropic islands. But this time an artist decided to fold the whole world into a luxirious flower fabric, the size of her works increased and now they can be put together into an endless panorama. Thanks to this, the viewer finds himself in a flower trap.

She has found unusual stereoscopic effect of opaque strokes of psychodelic colours on the even background and it is perceived as 3-d object and creates the sense of the depth of the space and it is possible to fall into them as Alice in the wonderland of a luxirious eternal summer of personal artistic paradise of Olena Onufriv.

Olena Onufriv will presents her new works in the Green Sofa Gallery with intrinsic to her optimistic life perception as a blessing and a happiness. Her ability to transmitt it through her works and to bring bright summer lux is explained by the honesty and confidence as well as artistic gift.