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“Woman. Man” Inna Shinkarenko. Photo project. 19 May – 7 June 2015

“Woman. Man” Inna Shinkarenko. Photo project. 19 May – 7 June 2015

A Mathematician by education, now a freelance photographer Inna Shynkarenko is from Khmelnytsky originally but now she lives in Lviv. Today she presents her project “A woman. A man”.

Inna took pictures of successful women wearing male and female clothes setting a task to express masculinity and femininity using non-verbal means of communication such as gestures and facial expression.

Here is her explanation of the concept:

The duality of a person is interesting for a lot of artists. Obviously it hooked me too by its deep simplicity and endless multifaceted nature. It is impossible to embrace so I present just a tiny piece of it .

  Everyone plays lots of roles in everyday life and each role requires feminine and masculine features in different proportions. In the process of photo shoot we saw that every woman has them both so I tried to make some of them visible. As a result I saw the  dominant role is the one that helps to live and realize some goals in the current moment of life. I was impressed how the posture and gestures change the moment a woman wears a dress and when she wears a shirt and trousers – this act resembles the magic of becoming someone different. This magic revealed slightly more than I expected at the beginning.

 We are surrounded by lots of personalities that live and create unique space around us so I decided to tell about women that amaze and inspire me. I had to set time and space limit to this project otherwise it would become endless.

I have to confess that I started this project to reveal what is the ideal woman, and what proportion of masculinity and femininity makes her perfect and how to achieve these formulae. In the process my opinion changed to the opposite. Maybe it’s because I am a woman myself? So I live the conclusions to the judgment of viewers.