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“My Craft” Olesya Kaznokh. Painting. 28 of Aprill – 17 of May 2015

“My Craft” Olesya Kaznokh. Painting. 28 of Aprill – 17 of May 2015
I had been studying the craft of painting for 15 years and the more I learnt, the more I understood that in the course of milleniums people painted everything.
I felt responsibility as an artist and I started thinking about my creative contribuion and it took me…..10 years. During these years I married and gave birth to children which made me realise that there is nothing new in the human life. I felt connection to mey ancestors, my grandmothers who lived in the villages, worked in the fields, the same as women nowadays they fell in love and had children, learnt spiritual wisdoms and decorated their lives with art, painted walls and furniture, embroidered clothes because they understood that only art is eternal.
In the folk art I found abstract and expressionism, symbolism and brave stilization of the nature, in other words all the history of XX century art. I recognised the reasons why modern artists were so enchanted by naive art – because this kind of art is unpretentious and sincere.
So I decided to make tribute to Ukrainian art. I used the motifs of Ukrainian embroidery, carpets and paintings and in the process I realised that to paint is my dream work – my craft. The collection consists of 18 paintings of 2013-2015.

Olesya Kaznokh (Domaradzka)

1978 – born in m.Dubrovytsya Rivne region.
She was educated in Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush 1996,  Lviv Art Academy 2003

1996 – Student Exhibition at the Lviv Polytechnic.
2002 – exhibition of young artists in the Palace of Arts. Lviv.
2003 – Exhibition “Lviv and Its Inhabitants.” Kyiv.
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – Christmas exhibitions in the “Green sofa gallery”.
2012 – Group concept exhibition “Euro 2012” in the gallery “Green sofa”.

Married, has two sons. Engaged in painting.