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Solo exhibition by Natalia Bartkiv ‘Hot season’

Solo exhibition by Natalia Bartkiv ‘Hot season’

The vocation is not easy to find, and certainly not at once. And when you find it – you may be afraid to follow it. A lot of people were dreaming of becoming a musician or an artist but still work in an office… But there are people who have enough guts to take a leap and start all over again.

Natalia Bartkiv is such a courageous person. She has got two degrees –in Music and English language, she realized all her ambitions in the last one…and decided that she has to be an artist. Just on her birthday, on the 25th of October she opens her fourth solo exhibition of paintings entitled “Hot Season”.

Natalia is convinced that it does not matter whether it is hot summer, or fragrant autumn, or mint-fresh spring or festive winter – hot season arrives when absolutely everything brings you sharp sensual enjoyment, hot season is in the hearts and it is depicted in the paintings of Nataliya Bartkiv.

Hot season is in the luxury of flowers, colours in Bordeaux with the taste of wine, honey-yellow colours with the fragrance of warm encounters and sky-blue shades with the gentle touch of breeze – Hot Season in the Green Sofa begins on the 25th of October and will last till 13th of November.