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Roman Romanishyn “Vertep” 3-22 of February 2015

Roman Romanishyn “Vertep” 3-22 of February 2015
I bitterly announce- this world's a Vertep
and being as you are
is hardest ever task...
Grytsko Chubay
It all started in the childhood when at Christmas we took out the figures of Holy Nativity scenes which were kept in the chest…we again learnt our lines, our roles to adopt a short Vertep play to new reality….the characters changed, their words aquired new meanings and we tried to enter the same river twice…
Roman Romanyshyn – one of the most outstanding artists draughtsmen. He is presenting his  solo exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery for a first time. His thematic project “Vertep” is a world premiere! We are also proud to present the series “12 months” and “Planetarium”
Apart from the graphics Roman Romanyshyn demonstrates the beginning of a new series of kinetic and static objects ( painting on wood) named “Endlessness’. Characters-objects also comprise the composition “Vertep’