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Sergiy & Nina Reznichenko exhibition of paintings & graphics. 2014/11/25- 12/14

Sergiy & Nina Reznichenko exhibition of paintings & graphics. 2014/11/25- 12/14

Nina and Sergiy Reznichenko – two bright artistic personalities with different preferences in painting language, have one common feature they are real painters, they are combining open colors, sharpen light-shadow effects, making the image abstract or voluminous…in other words they do everything to make painting juicy and it deserves higher appreciation of viewers.

Serhiy Reznichenko presents several new still lives, portraits and light as Japanese haiku drawings nude. Nina demonstrates her romantic poetic female images and flowers that border abstract.

Their paintings won lots of admirers all over the world.

Serhiy Reznichenko took part in more than 50 exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, the United States, Jordan, Austria, Cyprus, the UK and Germany since 1989. His works can be found in  Lviv Art Gallery, National Museum of Lviv and Museum of Contemporary Art Kyiv.

Nina Reznichenko began to exhibit his works in 1996. At the moment She took part in more than 30 exhibitions in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Cyprus, Australia, Italy, UK, Germany.

Green Sofa Gallery is proud of the fact that the first solo exhibition of the artist was here in 2007.

Nina Reznichenko works take place in many private collections and have won the hearts of many fans.