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Bohdan Soroka

Bohdan Soroka

1940 – 2015.

He studied at the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Since 1993, associate professor, and since 1996 he was  the first head of industrial graphics in the Lviv National Academy of Arts, where he worked until 2006.

Bohdan Soroka belongs to a generation of artists “sixties.” His first linocuts – was to a Ihor Kalynets collection of poems  “Opening den”, printed inLondon. With the introduction of this book in 1972 on the artist prosecuted in theUSSR. The result is that the artist was officially prohibited. In the 90s he worked in  black and white linoryt .

Selected awards:

1989 – Second Prize International Competition Ex-Libris (Vilnius).

2006 – First Prize at the exhibition – Competition. G. Yakutovych. (Kyiv)

2009 – medal at the XIII International Biennial of Small Graphic Forms and Ex-Libris inIsleWielkopolski. (Poland).

His works are in the collections of 11 national importance muzeums inUkraine(Lviv, Kyiv, Kaniv, Kolodiazhne) and 8 museums abroad (Toronto,New York,Chicago,Brussels,Vilnius,Munich).

MUSEUM. GRAPHICS. 2013/21/05- 9/06

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