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Unexpected art event “The first art lottery”® 2014

Unexpected art event “The first art lottery”® 2014

For the first time in Ukraine had been an art action, which consisted in the fact that any adult could buy a postcard with a photo of the work of legendary artist George Kokh and  Olga Pogribna-Kokh “Wedding Music” (70×60 cm, n. / O., 2014) and got a chance to win ORIGINAL !!!

November 30, 2014 at 18 o’clock in the premises of the gallery “Green sofa” there was a game for happiness.

In the presence of all interested participants, opened the box, which kept cutting coupons with numbers lottery cards.
Then from the box was checked out occasional coupon.

Which number 024

The lucky owner of the winning cards appeared artist and collector Salome Kovtun.

10% of the proceeds were transferred to help participants ATO, purchase of thermal imagers.

Recall that the action lasted from September 2 to at November 30, 2014.

During that time, the original “Wedding Music” was exhibited to the public indoor gallery “Green Sofa”, first as a member of the personal exhibition of Youriy KoKh “ARDEKOKH” Part Two. (2 September 21).