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22/07 – 10/08/14 – Mr. Truffle – The art project by Serhiy Mikhnovskyy.

22/07 – 10/08/14 – Mr. Truffle – The art project by Serhiy Mikhnovskyy.

Mr Truffle is a post pop-art poject by Sergiy Mihnovsky that took him 2 years to complete.Mr Truffle contains philosophical and social concept that becomes more and more elaborated in the process of development. For instance, the perception of a chocolate sweet gained a new perspective with the election of a new president of Ukraine…

The core of a project is a series of paintings and graphic works, installations in the premises of the gallery as well as the printed catalougue and the assortment of “Mr Truffle” souvenirs. 

Mister TRUFFLE is the character objectively present in any social milieu. All the traits of character and of situational behavior within the corresponding social medium are intrinsic to him.

Personification of the “character’s” activity enables to also consider his role identity process and to better reveal his inner essence through the prism of allegory. Mister TRUFFLE rather stands for a psychophysical condition, the so-called, ‘inter se’, and it would be erroneous to distinguish him by any external features. Under such circumstances identity process is indefinite, taking into account alternation of generations and constant adjustment and evolution capacity as a mandatory self-preservation factor.

The phenomenon of truffle-like conduct in the mass culture conditions with its global network promotes popularizing of the general consumer essence since the borders do not constitute a serious obstacle and cannot satisfy the thirst characteristic of this character psychotype.

It is absolutely understandable that truffle-like conduct appeared at a certain stage of civilization development, but it was long before chocolate truffle advent. The candy just, however strange it might be, absorbed the aggregate content and became the so-called symbol of the phenomenon.

Serhiy Mikhnovskyy.

TRUFFLE, as a candy, appeared in 1850 in ‘Patisserie Siraudin’ (Paris), when French confectioner Siraudin invented chocolate cream ‘ganache’. The candy owes its name to the exquisite mushroom – truffle the no less delicious sweets bear resemblance to in their form. Currently, truffle candies are produced in more than 20 countries of the world.