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1-20/07/2014 – Anna Popova “WHISPERING GRASS” handmade paper

1-20/07/2014 – Anna Popova “WHISPERING GRASS” handmade paper

Paper is a very important media. It is a co-creator of history, science, literature, human destinies and obviously visual arts as well.

Anna Popova is going to demonstrate on her personal exhibition that paper itself can be an art object.

Thanks to the ancient technology of hand-made paper we can observe the very process of creating the works with colorful  masses .

Japanese paper is made of plant fibres, an artist prepares and arranges the plants for the paper and creates the ornament like a magician.

This exhibition is called “Whisper of Grasses” because the materials and colors very often tell the stories for the paper. And these stories Anna wants to share with you.

Anna Popova was born in Lutsk, she graduated Lviv Ivan Trush college. She started her exhibitions in 1991 and created more than 11 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. She took part in 60 international and 67 regional projects. In 2004 she was granted a scholarship Gaude Polonia where she mastered this Japanese technique. She works in the techniques of tapestry, batik, hand-made paper, print on fabric and rotang sculpture.