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Olga Pogribna-Kokh “Collection of Wishes” paintings 2014/05/21 – 06/86

Olga Pogribna-Kokh “Collection of Wishes” paintings 2014/05/21 – 06/86


The COLLECTION OF DESIRES project /painting/ by Olga Pogribna-Kokh is
a reproduced   list of private occasions and events, occurring with a
personality as a result of his/her own aspirations-desires.

 ‘As your desire is, so is your destiny’, says the Vedic text, or in
other words, our perception of the world, our words are responded by
our destiny. And keeping in mind that truth, we’ll inevitably arrive
at a conclusion: many men, many destinies.

Although the ‘set of earthly desires’ is allegedly a ‘chrestomathic’
one, the verbal interpretation of one and the same intention is always
a subjective / private one.

To implement her ideas, the artist exercises the genre of painting and
its classical techniques. But  simultaneously she involves verbal
language, as an equal partner while creating the COLLECTION OF DESIRES
new project. Indeed, in the beginning was the word,... Our language is
a multilateral, flexible substance capable, like water, to absorb
memory, events, experience.

Linguistic substance, sometimes approaching and sometimes departing
us, is creating by means of its neoplasms new neo-artistic
discoveries. And not only in the philological area (the given project
is the best evidence). Olga’s perception of a word, like her
perception of a colour, is a profound platform, a sort of projection,
to express the artist’s depth of individuality.

The viewers are invited to measure the distance to themselves, i.e. to
implement the ‘therapy of an associate-word game’ for the satisfaction
of intellectual ambitions of our mind, and to bring delectation to our
souls The artist proposes different, arbitrary ways to achieve
pleasure: from the ‘flirting’ of our consciousness and subconscious on
the edge of night dreams/ reality, to the heartwarming  reactions of
the first impressions from our childhood ... And what is your destiny