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Personalities. Myron Kataran. Drawing, painting. 4 -16 March 2014

Personalities. Myron Kataran. Drawing, painting. 4 -16 March 2014

Personalities” – is the first solo show incuding te portraits of famous musicians of the XXth century by Myron Kataran which was inspired by their creativity.

These paintings were done along the sounds of voices of Edith Piaf, Victor Tsoy, Paul Mccartey, Sting, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk and many others. Kataran Drew with pencil trying not only to catch portrait similarity but also to feel psychological essence of these charismatic personalities. Thanks to deep inspiration of the artist the portraits are deep and emotional.

The Project “Personalities” will be shown in Lviv and then will travel around different places of Ukraine. Kataran is planing to continue working upon many more portraits of personalities.

Myron Kataran

Was born 1984/06/15 in Lviv Region (willage Lisyatichi). Graduated Kosiv Art College, and Art Academy (ceramics).

He is a restaurator in Lviv Historic Museum.

2003 – Authentic and Time ( Kyiv )

2006 – KONFRONTACJE ( Poland )

2006 – Arhitecture of Galichina ( Germany )

2006 – Ukrainian competition of academic painting ( Kyiv )

2007 – Ukrainian competition of academic drawing ( Kharkiv )

2008 – International pottery plener  ( Kosiv )

2010 – MASKY ( Museum of Ideas, Lviv, solo exhibition)

2010 -Caricature of  Lviv Bomond ( Lviv Art Palace )

2011 – TIME MACHINERY (Personal exhibition, Art republic Kyiv, Kyiv)

2012 – TIME MACHINERY (Personal exhibitionа, Polygraphic College , Lviv)

2013 – Personal (Primus Gallery, Lviv)