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“Unpretentious stories” Petro (Peter) Sypniak. 14.01 – 2.02. 2014

“Unpretentious stories” Petro (Peter) Sypniak. 14.01 – 2.02. 2014

This exhibition by Petro Sypniak is a tribute to the classical genre painting.

A prominent Lviv artist Petro Sypniak was born in a small village in Ivano Frankivsk region.

He is a real son of his native land maybe this is why he is so good at depicting genre scenes with shepherds and stable men, village women having the time of the day and the children playing with domestic animals.

The change of seasons and the nature’s circle is the main subject of this display which reminds us of a museum hall of impressionists.

The exhibition starts on the January 14th – the St.Basil’s Day.