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“Sweet escapes”. Painting by Natalia Bartkiv. 15/10 – 3/11. 2013

“Sweet escapes”. Painting by Natalia Bartkiv. 15/10 – 3/11. 2013

If you have a real Home, not just the place to live, then that space becomes your shelter, the place where even the walls help and protect you, wherever you are you always want to come back there.

For Natalia Bartkiv, whose creative work can be classified as “intimisme” (french intimisme) home is also a place for Sweet Escape.

You want to enter her paintings like alternative reality, to find yourself in a cosy warm enironment where you can smell freshly baked cookies, where you hear the birds singing, among beautiful stilllives of domestic things you can find pyramids of fruit and in the basin there are freshly cut flowers from your evergreen garden. And. There’s the sea outside your balcony….

The previous exhibition by Natalia Bartkiv, “Hot Season”, took place in the Green Sofa Gallery in 2011 and Natalia not only gained love of her numerous fans but also respect and aknowledgement of art critics.