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“Yellow bus”. Iryna Morykvas. 13 of August – 1 of September 2013

“Yellow bus”. Iryna Morykvas. 13 of August – 1 of September 2013

The Green Sofa Gallery says good bye to the summer with the exhibition of Iryna Morykvas who works in the technique of guache on paper. Although she is grown up she stil remembers the inspiration of childhood and her memories which are reflected in her illustrative works.

When I was a child I used to dream of having a bus. A big beautiful yellow bus.

Especially in summer, when many of my friends went to the villages, to camps or to the sea. The summer was sunny, but empty then. I thought: when you have a bus, then it is possible to travel with friends, their parents, siblings, grandparents – even with pets. You can ride to school by bus; it can hide you when it rains or when you are scared; it can be a shelter for meetings and leisure time…

Not all dreams come true, but all of them develop imagination. This exhibition is about what I would see when traveling worlds in my yellow bus.

Iryna Morykvas

She was born on May 18, 1985 and since then has been living in Lviv. She began to paint then she was 20. She graduated the “school of journalism”, faculty of journalism at the Lviv National Ivan Franko University, master’s program in Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University (specialty – religious journalism) and things looked as if she would be a journalist. But after visiting the children’s art school and seeing how children draw, the world of art slowly began to displace the world of writing for her.

Participate in competitions and exhibitions:

2006 – Participated in art atelier, the joint exhibition (Soloturn, Switzerland).

2007 – First place in the competition “Draw book for kids!” declared by the Lviv Art Association “Dzyga” (illustrations for books by Erich Kästner “Crumb and Anton”, Lviv, Ukraine).

2008 – Second prize in the contest “My Lviv” declared by the  Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe, a joint exhibition (work “Color town”, Lviv, Ukraine).

2010 – Participated in the Christmas exhibition at art gallery “Green sofa” (Lviv, Ukraine).

2010 – Solo exhibition “Plum Rain”(cafe-gallery “Shtuka”, Lviv, Ukraine).

2010 – Participated in a joint exhibition devoted to summer vacations in the art gallery “Green sofa” (Lviv, Ukraine).
2010 – Solo exhibition “Gifts of Autumn” (gallery “Yuka”, Lviv, Ukraine).

2010 – Participated in a joint exhibition “Everyone who loves the sweet, devoted” at the gallery “Slyvka” (Lviv, Ukraine).

2010 – Solo exhibition “L’accordeon” (Alliance Francaise of Lviv, Ukraine).

2011 – Participated in a join exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art in London (Flaxon Ptootch gallery, UK).
2012 – Solo exhibition “Nuts garden” (gallery “Coralli”, Lviv, Ukraine).