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“My works are in the collections of Ray Bradbury …” Interview of Vladimir Pinigin. 16/03/2011

Slide4He created a whole fantasy world and is considered the best book designer in the Soviet Union. Illustrated Ray Bradbury, Stanislaw Lem, HG Wells, Clifford Simak and Jules Verne. This artist is good example of how to go to his dream: since childhood he was forced to learn in music school, and he fled from school and consistently drew.Neither parents nor teachers pay a spark of God has failed. The world has lost another violinist or pianist, but was fine graphics. Now is the life of Vladimir Pinigin seems fantastic. To see this we need only go in his tiny apartment.On the walls of animal skeletons and mummies, whimsical installations, which are often the hub toys instead of traditional wallpaper – pictures of strange creatures.

Artist Vladimir Pinigin looks much older than his age. And it can have at least two reasons. Firstly, big eyebrows, beard pozhovtila smoke or bad shaggy hair combed. Second, the tricks of fate that threw this man as if the waves wooden fishing boat. Its very birth of God marked by misfortune. If Markesovomu Macondo over a hundred years children were born in the rain, the small Volodya mother gave birth in the most horrible times for Leningrad – the beginning of its blockade of German troops.

I was born on September 21, 1941, and the blockade of the city began a few days before. Of course, since that time I do not remember anything. When managed to escape from Leningrad – says Pinigin – my family fled to Magnitogorsk. They lived in the thirties repressed relatives. By the way, this place is very glorious. If it does not, the Red Army would have long since lost the war with the “Tigers” and “Ferdinand”. In Magnitogorsk caught a special substance that mingled with steel. The result came out heavy-duty alloy, which made the tower to T-34. But there we stayed not long. Then our road lay in Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk, where my aunt lived. Even then I was more or less an adult, remember that getting to train it for more than two months.

His father was a lieutenant Pinigin connection and therefore in Dnipropetrovsk family long delayed. In 1946 they moved to the city. Now people have mentioned how to sleep on the floor all day and going hungry. In the post-war city was not even light, so evenings burning kerosene lamp. Continuous shooting was heard. From the trenches and dugouts war passed in a confrontation between soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the NKVD. He was able to out without the gun did not go.

Then again the road. Germany, where the “Dodge” and “Willis” guy was in a driving school at Hitler’s lair again, Leningrad, Lvov and again … Pinigin in one place a little delayed, but nevertheless in each new city consistently lead the small mom a music school.
My mother wanted me to do with Dodik Oystriha – laughing Pinigin – learned to play the violin, but nothing happened.Remember one thing – good artists if the family artists. Good musicians, if musicians in the family. It is a discipline, knowledge, and most importantly – the results! Because if parents are intellectuals, then you must be an intellectual.Although … is he on the contrary, still it is a genetic mutation. Mom tormented me, but I said – whatever the distance, I will not be a musician, I want to draw.

In 1958 Pinigin eventually moved back to the city and this time his life. There he enters the University Printing.Brings his work and his rank first. This vapor student draws his first successful work, which later will form the illustration of books.
For the most part – he says – I drew in class in philosophy. As I had to hear about Lenin and Marx, Nietzsche and loved when Kant? So the teachers there said something, and I sat and painted. It happened a few books – “Planet of the Apes” by Pierre Boulle, Bradbury story.
Immediately after noticing this young artist in the book industry. First major order it received from Chisinau. One of there the publishers launched a series of “Aelita”, which was to consist of 22 volumes. 7 are instructed to issue Pinigin. So he created illustrations for Jules Verne, Jerome K. Jerome, Belyaev. And there are faces dishonesty publishers.

You know what’s fun? You can matyukatysya? Was All-Union competition and those scoundrels sent back my work.There they received an honorary award, as the best fiction of the USSR. I know nothing said diploma inserted into the frame, and the money cuts. I learned about it only after eight years.

In 1974 Pinigin take in the Union of Artists of USSR. At that time it consisted of only 2400 members. Orders are growing like a weed. Artist paints portraits of scientists, writers and politicians. They diverge enormous circulation to all 15 republics. Separately, creating illustrations for children’s books. Then came the first big money.

In the books I earned a penny. – Says the artist. – What are the most expensive illustrators in America? Those who are drawn comics. But I made a hack! He was in the Union of Artists of the USSR, received the order, and painted, say, children’s drawings, which are then hung by all kindergartens Union. A month had more than 500 rubles. While most writers earn breeze. You know Roman Ivanychuk? We worked together in the magazine “October”. It came after two hours, sitting there is something cultivated, and had about 180 rubles per month. And I did to the magazine illustrations, painted them several times a week and getting more. One good illustration worth about 150 rubles.

However, trash hack and fantasy – is eternal. Pinigin continues to illustrate their favorite authors. To send text to viziynomu level pronykayetsya each book, for which taken. Work Hard, as well as several paintings convey all Bradbury? So oformlyuyuchy, say, reading fiction – “Dandelion Wine,” he ordered from America a bunch of old magazines and newspapers. In order to understand how people lived, what they have hobbies, etc., back to a few decades ago.

Generally 70-80 years – a golden age Pinigin. His works go to exhibitions abroad – in China, America and Europe.He writes on foreign press. It is significant in 1970, when the Hungarian magazine «Faklya» on the first page of color Delivers sex symbol of the USSR Svetlana Svetlichnaya and gives the latest schedule. His photographer takes a creative workshop.

In time of Pinigin started to forget. It is not known whether preferences have changed their readers and fiction was not necessary if the master himself decided to finally escape from the world. He now lives in a small apartment Lviv, virtually none of it is unknown. Draws for the soul and a bit for earnings, creating a rich European bookplates. His pictures actually packed all home. Generally flat like scenery to thrillers. From floor to ceiling it is filled with skeletons of animals, their dried bodies. That there is a hanger, where instead of hooks with goat legs. So getting there yourself if you find yourself in some fantasy world.

Skeletons and mummies, my passion, – says the artist. – Few have ever bought in zoological shop, little did he. They were in the apartment very much, but I feel so comfortable. Frogs, bats, lizards, fish – that’s life.

And Pinigin he wrote a fantastic story. Argues that all of them are without real foundation. As a fact suggestive appearance of the giant Monsters in the Crimea, which in the early twentieth seen a lot of people. Many smokes and plays synthesizer jazz. Like, did not become a musician, but the music he loves. Buys at flea markets, old album.

Yes, I was of the world, – he said finally, – settled in Lviv, but do not regret it at all, because it is a beautiful city and province did not. I sit myself draw, I look out the window, and there is garage and apple. Drink wine.