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“Estamp room ” Vasil Savchenko. Graphics. 2-21/07/2013

“Estamp room ” Vasil Savchenko. Graphics. 2-21/07/2013

Every summer the Green Sofa Gallery presents a solo exhibition by a beginner artist – it has already become a good tradition.

From 2nd till 21 of June we  saw creative works by Vasyl Savchenko .

He is 19 and he is a student of the department of monumental art in Lviv Art Academy. From 2009 he took part in ten group exhibitions in Lviv, Kyiv, Ekaterynburg and Bergamo (Italy).

The boy grew up in an artistic family which determined his taste and artistic identity. He has got confidence which other young artists lack. Despite  the fact that everyone thought that he would be developing as a painter he decided to express his artistic ideas and experiments by means of graphics. In the exhibition named “The Room of Estamp” he showed works done in the technique of etching. The series of abstract works he named “Sugar abstraction”. But the center of exhibition was  a monumental graphic work  (2x5metres).