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“Museum. Graphic arts.” May 21 – June 9, 2013

“Museum. Graphic arts.” May 21 – June 9, 2013
Lviv has opened a Museum of Contemporary Art – that was the main title of all artistic media in Lviv in the summer of 2011.
But of course it was just the name of a conceptual exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery that embraced the most significant works of Lvivian artist of the last decade of the XX century.
And now the Green Sofa Gallery offers the continuation of this project – works of graphics.
From the 21st of May till 9th of June the Green Sofa Gallery presents the exhibition “Museum. Graphics.”  The participants are : I.Bilykivsky, O.Denysenko, V.Demianyshyn, Y.Kachmar, I.Kliuchkovska, Y.Kokh, O.Pogribna-Kokh, M.Krasnyk, S.Mikhnovsky, V.Pinigin, D.Paruta, B.Pikulytsky, V.Patyk, R.Romanyshyn, B.Soroka and others.
The aim of this projct is to draw attention to the problem of  Lviv  – city with great history of art but without the museum of Contemporary Art that would reflect the art of the XX and XXI century.