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The exhibition “12.00” from “Olena KHOMYAKOVA & KAZA” 26.06 – 15.07.2012

The exhibition “12.00” from “Olena KHOMYAKOVA & KAZA” 26.06 – 15.07.2012

It is the third year that the Green Sofa presents creative works by Olena Khomiakova .

Her media is mostly ceramics with pearls stones metals and silver and they have already gained popularity and fascination of thousands of modern design lovers.

But now she has completely changed her style. On this year’s exhibition “12.00” that will be on from 26th of June till 15th of July Olena joined Kievan designer Dana Khmil (Kaza) to create a huge collection of jewellery for their first display in the style “steam punk”.
Steampunk is a kind of science fiction where different kinds of steam machines are widely used and replaced electronic devices. It is a very popular trend in literature, music and films. A subtrend of steampunk is a so-called “clockpunk” where steam machines are replaced with clockwork.

Designers Olena Khomiakova and Kaza chose clockworks to make large pendants, rings, earrings, with silver, metal, stones.

Olesya Domaradzka