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Beata Korn Beata Korn

was born in 1980 in Uzhhorod.
1995-2001 Uzhgorod College of Arts.
2001-2003 Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of Ceramics).
Lives and works in Uzhhorod.
2003-2011 teaches at the Uzhgorod College of Arts.
2005 “Glass …

Uliana Nyshchuk Uliana Nyshchuk

Born: 06.06.1984.
Education: Lviv National Academy of Arts (2004-10).
Activities: easel, sacral painting, graphics.
Working with: tempera, acrylic, photography, levkas (icon painting), oil painting, collage.
Areas of interest: Ethnocultural Studies, Philosophy of Arts.
Artistic priorities: …

Anna Atoyan Anna Atoyan

1967          — was born in Lviv.
1990          — graduated Lviv Art Academy.
Department of Artistic Glass.
since 2000 — works using techniques of painting upon silk and hot batik.
Works are in private collections …

Sofiia Kulchytska (Natalya Bartkiv) Sofiia Kulchytska (Natalya Bartkiv)

– was born in Lviv.
1988 —graduated Lviv Musical & Pedagogical College.
1994 —graduated Drogobych Pedagogical Academy (Department of Music).
2002 —graduated Ivan Franko Lviv National University. Foreign Languages Department (English Language and …

Borys Buryak Borys Buryak

Borys Buriak was born in 1953 in Podvirne Chernivetsky region. Graduated Lviv Art Ivan Trush college, Lviv Art Academy. He is a member of The Union of Artists of Ukraine. …

Oleksandr Voytovych Oleksandr Voytovych

1971 — was born in Lviv.
— Lviv Decorative and Applied Art College named after Iv.Trush.
— Lviv Art Academy.
Participation in exhibitions
1994 — “Одна для всіх”. National Museum. Lviv.
1994 — CUAF Gallery. …

Ivanka Voytovych Ivanka Voytovych

1976 —was born in Uzhgorod.
—Uzhgorod Decorative and Applied Art College named after Erdelyi.
—Lviv Art Academy.
Participation in exhibition
1994 —“ІІІ-ХО”. Uzhgorod.
1994 —Hannover. Germany.
1995, 1996 —Budapest. Hungary.
1997 —Ukrainian House. Kyiv. Ukraine.
1998 —“Mini-textiles”. Art-Cultural …

Nataliya Gaydash Nataliya Gaydash

1978 —was born in Nadvirna (Ivano-Frankivsk region).
Graduated Kosiv Art college and Lviv Art Acadamy.
She is a member of The Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Participation in exhibitions
2000 — Was take part …

Mykhaylo Demtsiu Mykhaylo Demtsiu

1953 —Was born in Lviv region.
Graduated Lviv Ivan Trush Collage of decorative and applied arts.
An Honoured Artist of Ukraine.
His works are in the collections of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, …

Oleh Denysenko Oleh Denysenko

Was born 1961.27.03 in Lviv
He graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, specialty “Graphics”.
Engage in printmaking, painting, sculpture
Takes part in numerous international exhibitions printmaking. In particular, in Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, …

Oleg Davydenko Oleg Davydenko

Born August 23, 1966 in Pryluky. Ukraine
Professional development:
1983 –1987 Mirgorod Ceramic College. Faculty of Art Ceramics
1990 – Kokshetau Porcelain Factory (Kazakhstan), artist-designer
1994 – Lviv Academy of Arts. Faculty of Art …

Inna Ivasyuk Inna Ivasyuk

1977 —Was born in village Rashciv Hotunskuy district, Cherniveckiy region, Ukraine.
1992-1997 —was study in the Vignica college of decorative art home’s V.U. Shkriblaka. In the faculty of art embroidery.
1997 —was …

Olesya Kaznokh Olesya Kaznokh

1978 – born in Dubrovytsya Rivne region.
She was educated in Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Ivan Trush 1996, 2002 Lviv Art Academy. Married, has two sons. …

Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk Olena Kamenetska-Ostapchuk

Was born in1964 inLviv. She was a student of V.A.Ovsiychuk and B.Buriak, she graduated Lviv Printing Academy. She took part in more than 20 exhibitions and salons in Ukraine. She …

Olga Kvasha Olga Kvasha

1976- Born in Lutsk, Ukraine.
1999—graduated Lviv’s Academy of Art.
Live and works in Lviv.
Works in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Russia France, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Japan, Brasil.
Participation in exhibitions
1996—„Young …

Yuriy Koval Yuriy Koval

1979         — Born in Lviv.
1994 -1998  — The bachelor of faculty Advertising in to architectonically spatial environment of Lviv College Decorative and Applied Art the name of I. Trush.
1998 -2002 …

Oleksiy Koval Oleksiy Koval

Oleksii Koval  was born on October 16th, 1977 in Kiev, Ukraine. He was addicted to art from school years. In 1996 Oleksii was graduated from Republican School of Art by Taras …

Yurko Koch Yurko Koch

1958—was born in Lviv, Ukraine.
1978—graduated Lviv Art College named by Ivan Trush.
1986—graduated Ukrainian Polytrophic Academy.
1988-1992—member of Art Association ”Shliakh” (the Way).
Since the beginning of III-rd millennium – he was a …

Salome (Solomiya) Kovtun Salome (Solomiya) Kovtun

was born in 1984 in Zolochiv (Lviv region).
2008 – GraduatedLvivNationalMedicalUniversity.
2007 – Start to learn inLvivNationalArtAcademy.
She took part in project «Rainbow» and «Geometry», in Autumn Salon (Lviv Palace of Art), in  …

Sergiy Mykhalkiv Sergiy Mykhalkiv

1975—was born in Lviv.
1994—graduated Technical School of Radioelectronics.
2002—founded his own studio of an artistic photography. He works in the genre of act and portrait.
Participation in exhibitions
2000—“Erotic Exposhow”. Lviv.
2004—art salon “Vysokiy …

Serhiy Mikhnovskyi Serhiy Mikhnovskyi

Serhiy Mikhnovskyy (born 1961) is a contemporary Ukrainian artist (postpop-art, graphic art, installation art, mail art).
Born in Lviv, Western Ukraine, Mikhnovskyy attended Lviv Polytechnic Institute (now National University “Lvivska Politekhnika”), …

Bogdan Panchyshyn Bogdan Panchyshyn

 1958—was born.He graduated Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative art. He is the author of 13 personal exhibitions, the first of which was in 1995 inthe National Museum, the rest …

Volodymyr Patyk Volodymyr Patyk

 Volodymyr Patyk (1929) –is a classic and creator of the history of art, an honoured artist of Ukraine, a holder of a shevchenko’s premium. A titanic and legendary person who …

Ostap Patyk Ostap Patyk

 1964-—-was born in Lviv.
1983-—-graduated Lviv Art College n. I. Trush
1983-1989-—-worked in the fund of Union of artists of Ukraine.
1995-—-graduated National Lviv Art Academy
From 1998-—-he is a teacher of drawing and …

Olga Pogribna-Kokh Olga Pogribna-Kokh

Olga Pogribna-Kokh was born in1970 inthe family of a scientist and an artist in Lviv.
She works in the genres of painting, graphics and design. She is a participant of 130 …

Roman Romanyshyn Roman Romanyshyn

Born: 13.07.1957, Ukraine
Education: Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts
Activity:  Printmaking, painting, sculpture.
Solo Exhibitions:
1986      – Rzeszow-Przemysl, Poland;
1990      – Ethnography museum, Lviv, Ukraine;
– CUAF (Canadian Ukrainian Art Foundation), Toronto, Canada;
1991      …

Olga Pyl’nyk Olga Pyl’nyk

1980 — was born in Uzhgorod.
1995-1999 — studied in A.Erdeli Uzhgorod College of Applied and Decorative Arts (Department of Ceramics).
1999-2005 — studied in Lviv National Art Academy (Master Degree in …

Sergiy Reznichenko Sergiy Reznichenko

 1968 — was born in Cherkasy region.
    Graduated from Vira Mukhina state art-industrial college in St.Petersburg (speciality — monumental painting).
    He is a member of the Ukrainian National Society of …

Nina Reznichenko Nina Reznichenko

1973 — was born in Bukovyna.
Graduated from Vyzhnytsia College of Applied Arts.
Works are in private collections in many countries.
Participation in exhibitions
1996 — Mykhailo Bilas Muzeum. Truskavets.
1997 — Picturesque Ukraine. Cherkasy, …

Ihor Romanko Ihor Romanko

Ihor Romanko was born in 1966 in Lviv.
1991 – graduated Lviv Academy of Art.
From 1987 he take part in exhibition in Ukraine, Poland, Slovaks, Austria, Japan.
His works are in collection …

Serhiy Savchenko Serhiy Savchenko

1972 – born in Lviv.
1991 – graduated from Lviv Decorative and Applied Art College named after I. Trush.
1998 – graduated from Lviv Academy of Art.
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.
Collections: …

Denis Struk Denis Struk

Born 15 january 1978 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2003 graduated Lviv’s Academy of Art,
specialisation – art glass (professor Roman Petruk)
Live and works in Lviv.
1998 IV International Blown Glass Symposium, Lviv
2000 „1380° С”, …

Peter (Petro) Smetana Peter (Petro) Smetana

Was born 28.01.1985 in Sambir, Lviv region.
In 2008 Graduated Lviv National Forest-Technical University – Design.
Since 2012 a member of National artists Community of Ukraine.
The participant of international scholarship program “Gaude …

Valerie Sokolova Valerie Sokolova

– a distinguished American illustrator of Ukrainian origin was born in Lviv in the family of renowned architect Stanislav Sokolov. Her first printed illustrations appeared in the magazine October (1978) …

Bohdan Soroka Bohdan Soroka

1940 – 2015.
He studied at the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Since 1993, associate professor, and since 1996 he was  the first head of industrial graphics in …

Petro Sypniak Petro Sypniak

1959 – was born in Ivano-Frankivsk regione.
1985m – Lviv Nationale Institute of Art.
з 1982 – took  part in numeruos exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
1990-  Lviv Picture Gallery
1991- Bienalle Lviv. 1-th …

Dana Yakymchuk Dana Yakymchuk

19  —  was born.
1994  —  Vyzhnytsia College of Applied Arts named after V.Shkribliak. Department of tapestry.
2000  —  Lviv Art Academy. Department of artistic textile.
Sphere of interests: textile techniques (hot batik, …