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About gallery

It is situated in the stone building of a former Armenian court in the ancient part of our town. The tower with a bell and a court underneath was built near Armenian Church in 1576. The portal is decorated with oriental motifs and above it there is a richly carved stone table with a sign. The Green Sofa Gallery leads exhibitional activity. Every three weeks there is a new exhibition and it sums up to 20 personal and group conceptual exhibitions a year. The artists are mostly Lvivian. The Green Sofa Gallery successfully represents Lvivian art in the international festivals and art fairs. The Green Sofa constantly reveals new names. Almost half of exhibitions are first in the career of artists. So the gallery promotes the new artists. The Green Sofa actively cooperates with nearly a hundred artists of Galicia. It popularizes and developers contemporary art and always tries to be interesting for a viewer. Achievements: Repeated participation in international art festivals since 2008. Art-Kyiv, Fine Art. Shows within days of the city to the museum Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy. Continued participation in festivals “Night in Lviv” (something like “Night in the Museum”), Days of Armenian culture festival, “Japanese Spring in Lviv” 2014. Holding the first in Ukraine Art Lottery (2014.). Awards: A few thanks from the mayor’s office to work in the development of tourism and cultural sector of the city, several awards from charitable organizations for help in raising funds for the treatment of children with cancer, the Diploma of International rankings and Sociology “Golden Fortune” for the development and promotion of contemporary art.

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