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Olga Kvasha

Olga Kvasha

1976- Born in Lutsk, Ukraine.

1999—graduated Lviv’s Academy of Art.
Live and works in Lviv.
Works in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Russia France, Netherlands, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Japan, Brasil.
Participation in exhibitions

1996—„Young Volyn”, Lutsk Art Gallery.

1997—„Exhibition of five authors”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

1998—Personal exhibition, art-club „Lialka”, Lviv.

1998—„Blue Bird”, “Yarovit” gallery, Lviv.

1998—„Painting and rock’n'roll”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

1998—„Exhibition of Young Artists”, Union of artists, Ternopil.

1999—„Elements”, St. Volodymyr Foundation, Krakow, Poland.

2000—Exhibition of painting, Kovel.

2000—„One day”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2001—“Exhibition of 13′, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2001—International plener of painting, Kazimerz Dolny, Poland.

2001—International plener of painting, Przemysl, Poland.

2002—Exhibition of Young Artists, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2002—Autumn salon „Vysoky Zamok”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2003—Personal exhibition, gallery in Castle of Kazimerz, Przemysl, Poland.

2004—Personal exhibition, „Krajnia Hata” gallery, Lutsk.

2004—“Exhibition of13”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2005—International plener of painting, Solina, Poland.

2006—Autumn salon „Vysoky Zamok”, Palace of Art, Lviv.

2006—Personal exhibition, „Gryfon” gallery, Kyiv.

2007—„25 x 25”, “Green sofa” gallery, Lviv

2007—Personal exhibition, “Green sofa” gallery, Lviv.

2008—Personal exhibition, “Green sofa” gallery, Lviv.

2009—Personal exhibition, “Green sofa” gallery, Lviv.

Christmas exhibition 2011-2012

2013 - Olga Kvasha. Painting. 24.09 – 13.10.

“December ride on horse”. Book Illustrations, oil paintings. 24.11-13.12.2015