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Green Sofa in Kyiv Art Fair 2019

Green Sofa in Kyiv Art Fair 2019

Art gallery Green Sofa presents

Andrii Savchuk

Nazar Symotiuk

The “Relations” project is about our immersion in depths of our memory germinating from our personal life stories, our cultural values. These are the relations with Kazimir Malevich’s creative legacy, the artistic school of geometrical abstraction and op art.

Nowadays requires an appeal to the artistic heritage of the past and the present time, the expansion of the exchange and mutual influence of the culture at a global level. Exactly these mutual interrelations help understand profoundly the peculiarities of the own national culture.

Under such conditions, when already not only separate countries but the humanity as a whole feels the humanitarian and ecological disasters, inevitably grows the need to observe closely at the past, to project its experience on the modernity and future. We need to go through a peculiar test, to define how deeply we can  dive into our own history to foresee the important features of the future. Thus, “Relations” is a countdown, which direct us to the past to project the future.

The project proposed is presented in the form of the series of structural polychromic reliefs made of wood and based on geometrical elements. The implementation of this conception will become for its spectators a sort of meditation caused by rhythms and geometry, clearness and regularity of optical range of our volumetric works. At the same time, through their colour stimuli, our works must become a “purgatory” of our mind, awake our consciousness and allow just for some time to abstract away and move from the visual range the existing chaotic flows of modern informational space.

©Green Sofa Gallery. Andriy Savchuk, Nazar Symotyuk