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“Islands”. Vsevolod Sharko. Watercolor. 31.10 – 19. 11. 2017

“Islands”. Vsevolod Sharko. Watercolor. 31.10 – 19. 11. 2017

Watercolor (also aquarelle (French loanword) is a technique of painting using special watercolor paints, which dissolved in water and form a transparent suspension of a thin pigment, which allows for the effect of lightness and fine color transitions. But despite its apparent ease of technology, this is extremely difficult for perfect development. Even in big cities of Ukraine it is difficult to find masters who own this technique. One of such artists of virtuosos is Vsevolod Sharko. Oleg Kozak was such an artist in Lviv, who has recently pass away. Actually this exhibition Vsevolod devotes to the memory of an outstanding watercolorist… For this he will  bring to Lviv 26 works full of lyrics.

Cold Coast, Unsigned Letters, Polar Dreams, Industrial Area, At the End of Time, Structure of the Autumn, Scents… These names could be the names of the poetry collections. However, this is the names of the series of watercolor works of the Dnipro artist, which are united by a joint exhibition named “Islands”:

… Surrounded by the time flows of the islands of human lives. Then open wind of doubt, then covered with snow forgotten hopes or decorated with the traces of loved ones, that barefoot ran through the sunshine of white pebbles. In the non-transparent depth of time, float the memories like fish. The elusive, on the verge of perception, they are alive, distinctly clear, approaching the very edge of the retina of the eye. The islands of human lives …

 Vsevolod Sharko. Artist, jeweler-designer